Conditions of Use

Don't abuse the store. When in doubt, ask.

About warranty

Best effort is made to provide quality hardware at reasonable prices. Anything that doesn't work on arrival and is found not to be user's fault will be replaced without any questions. The stuff we sell works, and you are free to return it unused if it doesn't.

About advice

No advice will be given regarding usage of any hardware provided here. End user is expected to have reasonable understanding of RC hobby and ability to read and follow instructions. If in doubt, don't order it!

About PayPal disputes

Best effort is made to ship everyone's orders out within 24 hours. Customers who pay for AirMail shipping should not expect to receive their item next day. Opening a PayPal dispute for not receiving AirMail package after a week is counterproductive and will only get the customer banned from the store permanently. If you haven't received something, being an asshole about it is not going to get the item any faster, really. As a related note, we reserve the right to CANCEL any order going to a 3rd-world country with AirMail shipping to reduce liability for potential chargeback/dispute. The user is then may or may not be allowed to re-order with proper trackable shipping.

Hall of shame

The following people have wasted my time (and money) and their information will be published here for everyone to see. If you're an online store owner, make sure to ban these people/email addresses. To get removed from this list, the person will need to pay the order amount plus interest counted since date of order.

78 rue Manin
Paris, 75019
Cause: Opened paypal dispute after ordering with airmail and not "receiving" after a month.

Sergey Possokhov
8, Ibragimova St., 66 fl.
050032, Kazakhstan
Cause: Checked out with airmail shipping for an expensive order shipped to a third world country. Didn't read shipping instructions and warnings about no refunds. Threw a fit when the shit didn't arrive a month later (no surprise).

3037 Diana Dr
Zephyrhills, FL, 33541
United States
Cause: Opened PayPal dispute 3 days after placing an order, with a "just want a refund" reason

Daniel Cerny
An der Herkertmühle 8
63820 Elsenfeld
Cause: Repeated PayPal disputes and violating store rules

Maurice Jacobs
6805 Wintercrest Way SE
Owens Cross Roads, Alabama 35763
Cause: Paid for EMS, didn't like that USPS was taking time with his package. Opened dispute.

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