We're still open and shipping, however, Japan post will refuse to send EMS or Airmail to the locations listed here, please check it: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/overview_en.html Domestic (within Japan) shipping is NOT affected. EMS to USA is NOT available, but untrackable Airmail (small packet) is. Please select AirMail option when ordering to USA. Additional tracking option is NOT available for USA AirMail at the moment.

7914-48 2F Aizu Matsushima
Kami-Amakusa Kumamoto

Phone: 050-3728-5359

Customer service is serious business.

Please note, currently there's a huge backlog of "I want to be a dealer, please tell me how much for 6 boards", and other similar requests filling up the email queue, so unless your email is deemed important, it may not be answered immediately.

The email form DOES work, so re-sending another email 24 hours later asking if it was received is counterproductive - it WAS received, and may be answered in order.

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