2048x1536 LCD to HDMI Adapter


This adapter allows connecting 2048x1536 "retina" iPad 3/4 (see below for compatibility) LCD panels to any PC/Mac with HDMI 1.4. It provides switchable panel power, and switchable/dimmable backlight. Single-sided design allows directly mounting behind panel with double-side foam tape.

NOTE: FPC connector which attaches the panel to adapter board is VERY fragile. User must be very careful lifting up the connector tab and pushing it back into place. See manual for pictures. Sorry, but any requests regarding broken connector will not be handled. You broke it, you deal with it. Use some strong tape (3M VHB for example) to fix the cable in place.


Product is out of stock. 2nd batch assembly will occur after 2017/3/18. Each board is individually tested BEFORE SHIPPING. It DOES work when it leaves here.


These are initial somewhat-beta units. Everything that could have been fucked up, got fucked up. These were actually ready more than a month ago but I had to do some hardware rework and firmware fixes and didn't have time for it. Anyway, these do have DFU firmware update, and they WILL be receiving updates as I implement more features. Power consumption however is not something that can be "fixed". HDMI>DP conversion takes about 180mA, panel about 200mA, and the rest is backlight. You've been warned. Next version will probably just use USB-C so I can officially draw 5V@3A.

  • Micro-USB or 5V-powered (separate connector). 1.6A current draw at max brigthness, so use with high power USB port or external 5V source.
  • STM32F103CB 32-bit Cortex M3 MCU with native USB for firmware update and power/brightness/etc control
  • Dual TI TPS61187 WLED drivers
  • Buck DC/DC converter for panel power
  • Dimmable/controllable RGB led
  • One push button (power + overloaded function on long press)
  • Firmware upgrade over USB (DFU)
  • 80x40mm PCB allows easy mounting behind LCD panel, with Micro HDMI + USB/power connector on the side.
  • Designed and assembled in Japan

Compatible Panels

  • LG LP097QX1-SPC1/2/3/any SPx suffix really
  • LG LP097QX1-SPA1/2/V
  • Samsung LTL097QL01-W01
  • Most likely any 9.7" panel with 51-pin 0.3mm pitch connector

Documentation and firmware

Work in progress.

User projects gallery

Work in progress.

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