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About shipping

Everything is shipped from Japan

NEW After repeated PayPal disputes from third world countries such as Germany, Spain and Brazil, these 3 destinations are no longer allowed to order with AirMail shipping. A new service item has been created to add tracking to such orders. Any order to these 3 places without tracking fee will be cancelled and refunded and customer will be banned from the store. Any customer who ignores this warning and does not pay for trackable shipping is automatically agreeing that they will not receive a refund in case the package is "lost" in their country's customs.

There are two shipping options available, one is EMS - called "EMS Shipping" when you check out, which is traceable and will reach your location in less than a week worldwide. Check here for approximate delivery days for EMS. 

The second option is flat-rate airmail, appropriately called "Air Mail". This is not traceable, not guaranteed, and will take anywhere up to 2-3 weeks (or more, see bottom of the page) to arrive. Check here for a list of approximate delivery days for AirMail.

The shop reserves the right to CANCEL any order going to a 3rd-world country with AirMail shipping to reduce liability for potential chargeback/dispute. The user is then may or may not be allowed to re-order with proper trackable shipping. A new service item has been created to allow adding tracking to AirMail packages. The cost is slightly lower than EMS, with all the disadvantages of slow AirMail.

If you value your time, choose EMS. Ordering something with Air Mail and then leaving an order comment asking "can this be sent by EMS" is counter-productive, since EVERYTHING can be sent by EMS, you just have to choose that option at shipping and pay for it. Not following this advice will only delay your order as we have to email you, asking what to do with the order, wait for response / additional payment, etc. "Store pickup" shipping option is for combining orders or special orders, and can only be used if prior instructions or permission was given. Ordering 8 ESCs with AirMail shipping, then making another order with 8 more ESCs and choosing "Store Pickup" will get BOTH orders cancelled.

When using Express Checkout with Paypal, you are first taken to a Paypal login screen to collect your information (such as shipping address, etc) and then returned to the store to calculate final total. The order is completed after shipping amount is confirmed, and your account is charged at that time. If you are buying any "better together" packages w/discount, the discount won't be visible until you are at the last step of checkout. It does NOT appear when adding items to cart.

If you have a problem with an item ordered here and it's our fault, it will be replaced or refunded. If you crashed it, that's not our fault.

About tracking

All items shipped by EMS are trackable via Japan Post website. An "order shipped" email is sent when the order is packed and prepared for shipment. It includes a tracking number, EJ123456789JP. Airmail shipped orders are NOT trackable but you will receive an "order shipped" email. It is now possible to add tracking to AirMail orders, by adding the tracking service item to cart when ordering. Tracking of this service follows same steps as EMS.

To track EMS shipments, go to, type in your tracking number (EJ123456789JP or RR123456789JP) and click 'Tracking Start". Once the package leaves Japan and arrives in your local country, it should be traceable at your local post office website, whatever that website is. Airmail is not traceable, unless tracking is paid for.

About order fulfillment

During weekdays, orders are packed throughout the day until 15:50. Everything is then taken to post office at 16:00. There is no point to take things there earlier as international mail only gets picked up once a day, at 16:10. Any order placed after 15:50 cutoff time will be shipped NEXT day. On weekend things are packed and marked as "shipped", and then taken to post office on Monday. Anything ordered after 15:50 on Friday will not be posted until Monday. There is generally no shipping during Japan national holidays (or any other time when post office is closed). Large no-shipping windows are usually announced via clearly visible message at top of site.

Note to customers from Germany, Spain, Italy, and other third-world countries with retarded customs: Items sent by AirMail to you MAY take up to ONE MONTH or MORE to arrive. This is entirely due to the customs (in YOUR country) sitting on your package for weeks. The package leaves Japan and arrives to it's destination within a few days, and is then stuck in customs. A new tracking service item has been added to store to allow tracking AirMail shipments, and users from these countries are encouraged to pay for tracking. As such, if a large order is placed without tracking, the user automatically agrees that NO REFUNDS will be given in case the package is "lost" in customs. If you value your time and money, choose EMS shipping - packages arrive by EMS within 4-5 days.

Note to customers from BRAZIL and SOUTH KOREA: You can no longer place an order with AirMail shipping, regardless of item value. Any order w/AirMail will be cancelled and refunded. You can thank your amazing customs office for this.

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